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At HELP Inc we offer a wide range of access control products. From our traditional server/computer software platforms to our Cloud based solutions to give you the maximum flexibility. Whatever the size of your property from just a single door to hundreds across multiple sites we have you covered.

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Access your Access Control system in a variety of ways. When cloud based, you have all the options. You can access from and computer web browser , Smartphone or most Smart Watches. You choose what makes it the most convenient way to control your system. 

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KEYSCAN CA Series Panels


K-PROX3 Proximity Reader

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Farpointe Kepad Reader

Dormakaba’s Keyscan door and elevator floor controllers provide reliable access control. The door controllers are designed to make access control as easy as possible to implement in your facility. The CA series of door controllers can be used for virtually any door where you want to regulate and monitor access. Interior or exterior doors can easily be fitted with readers, contacts, and an array of locking devices that suit your needs.  Keyscan's EC series of elevator floor control units are designed to secure office or residential floors by requiring assigned credentials when using elevators. The door and elevator control units leverage the same architecture and software allowing them to be mixed and matched to suit any installation. dormakaba’s door and elevator floor controllers are trusted to satisfy virtually any new access control system or to augment an existing Keyscan system. In many retrofit cases, the controllers utilize existing infrastructure, including credentials, to increase cross system security functionality and minimize costs.

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GT Series Versatile Multi-Tenant Security Intercom

Multi-tenant Video Entry

Tenants or guards can quickly and easily identify visitors before granting them entry into their building. With a variety of sleek and modern entry, tenant and guard stations, it’s easy to meet the security needs of the building and the budget. When tenants change, property managers can make directory updates directly to the system using NFC technology or logging in remotely using a VPN connection


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