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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Inc. has compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our residential and commercial fire protection services, security solutions, audio-visual enhancements, and commercial access control solutions. For more information on our high-quality services, reach out to our friendly team of professionals.

All devices using WIFI will need to be reconnected if the SSID or password associated with the WIFI changes.

Batteries should last between 6mo-1yr depending on how often the device is being triggered and how far from the receiver they are located. More openings of doors will result in less of a battery life.

Most of our equipment has online manus available but our more customer-tailored systems will require an on-site training.

Yes.  Contact our office and we can assist in changing your call list.

Through the notification section in you can choose the proper recipient that will get notifications.

Most jobs will be a full day unless otherwise stated by the salesman.

We recommend saving large product boxes for at least 6mo in case any equipment fails within their warranty period.

We recommend testing your system monthly.

If the equipment installed included a battery backup it will stay powered on for a period of time depending on the power load. Security systems have a built-in battery that also holds power for a period of time.

Every alarm program is different, however, most of our basic programs includes a 30 second abort delay.

If the central station calls you, they will ask for a passcode to cancel.  You need to know your verbal passcode.

We recommend budgeting between 4-8% of the total value of your home. You will fall on the lower range if you live in a high-cost housing market and on the higher range if the housing market in your area is a bargain.

We work locally, offering our services to customers in Attleboro & Plainville, MA.

First, you will need to consult with one of our security experts. During your consultation, they will consider the size of your property, your budget, and your unique requirements. From there, they can determine a security solution that checks all the boxes for your specific case.

A fire alarm system is made up of various electronic devices that work together to detect atmospheric changes and alert occupants and first responders. A well-designed fire alarm system is composed of a variety of active and passive fire detection and suppression systems that work to minimize fire risks.

Fire alarms are not a one-size-fits-all concept; the only way to determine which fire alarm will work best for your unique property is to consult one of our experts. They will consider your property’s layout, contents, and construction to determine which system will be most effective for you.

Depending on your area, you may have specific city guidelines that specify your fire alarm system maintenance requirements. In any case, performing a weekly visual inspection, a monthly battery inspection for corrosion, a semi-annual inspection of initiating devices or detectors, and an annual review of the entire system are recommended.

An access control system can be used to manage both physical and logical security systems. It can be used to restrict the entry of unauthorized individuals to a building or system. Access control on a logical system is managed by password protection. Physical system access control is managed using key cards or key fobs.

Physical access control systems are installed using specific hardware, such as door switches, card or fob readers, and a control panel. The server keeps a library of users. When a card is introduced to the reader, a frequency is read by the control. If verified, the door will unlock; if denied, the controller registers the breach and notifies the monitor.

Access control systems can work on several entries and exits, such as gates, garages, vehicles, etc.

Audio-visual serves several purposes depending on the environment. In a retail or restaurant environment, audio-visual is used to create a sense of atmosphere, evoke emotion, impact behavior, and create a vibe or experience for guests. For residential use, audio-visual sets the tone of your home.

Multi-room audio grants you the ability to listen to music in several rooms at once. You can play different songs in each room at the same time or have the same song playing in each room.

We offer an array of comprehensive fire protection services to keep your family and property safe and secure without hassle, such as:

  • Fire Alarm System Testing
  • Fire Alarm System Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm System Installation
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Consistent Peace of Mind
  • Confirms functionality and performance
  • Allows faults and defects to be identified
  • It helps avoid false alarms
  • Rectifies weaknesses in the system

There are several benefits of a commercial security & alarm system, such as the ability to stop burglars before they get to your valuables, as they will be scared off by the security system, as well as deter employee theft. You’ll attract more customers as your customers will feel secure, and you will keep your employees and property safe.

An audio-visual system will improve your commercial property by enhancing communications, improving the work environment, cultivating a positive atmosphere, and boosting the company’s promotion.

A basic home security system includes magnetic sensors for primary entryways and infrared detectors to monitor motion. These sensors are linked to a control panel with a loud siren and a direct connection to the monitoring security company, which then alerts emergency personnel. Some top-rated companies provide remote controls for these base-level devices.

Advanced home security takes the base-level components and adds features such as panic buttons, panic pendants, glass break sensors, door locks with key codes, smartphone control, and more.

Smart Home refers to mobile apps that allow homeowners to control and monitor their security systems from their phones. They can also manage and monitor their lighting, thermostat, and other systems using the same app for added convenience and cost-efficiency.

Each security company is different, but most do not require lengthy contracts. Many companies will allow you to sign month-to-month agreements. Month-to-month users typically purchase their security equipment outright or use the security equipment they have. Long-term contract users may be able to lease the equipment with replacements as needed throughout their contract.

It depends on the company. Some companies use transferable equipment, while others do not. It’s best to get equipment and monitoring from the same company to avoid complications.

Distress codes are in place in case an intruder orders an alarm to be shut off. A distress code may be a secondary code to disarm the alarm that silently alerts the monitoring company that an intruder is in the home. The monitoring company may also speak to you through your control panel, where you can verbally confirm your distress code.

If you accidentally set off a false alarm, you have 30 seconds to disable your alarm system and then alert the monitoring company that no service is needed to prevent emergency personnel from being called.

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