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Commercial Alarm Systems in Plainville, MA

Help Inc - Electronic Security Solutions is a locally-owned provider of commercial security systems in Plainville, MA. For over 30 years, we’ve given businesses and companies peace of mind with state-of-the-art fire detection, break-in detection, and audiovisual services. We’re devoted to helping our clients detect and prevent theft and fire, saving time, money, and lives in the process. Our audiovisual capabilities unite you, your employees, and your clients for success. We’re the most trusted professionals for your security needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Three Excellent Benefits of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

You’ll save time, revenue, and lives by installing a fire alarm system. Contact us to schedule a service today:

Compliance With Safety Standards

Having a fire alarm system is essential to stay updated with health and safety protocols and the law. If a fire breaks out and you have a working fire alarm system, you can be protected from liability.

Increased Chance of Saving Lives

A quality fire alarm system will alert your workplace of danger as soon as a small waft of smoke is detected. The sooner the fire is detected, the sooner you and your employees can evacuate your workplace, preventing the situation from getting worse.

Prevents Small Fires From Growing

Unfortunately, minor accidents can turn into giant disasters if left unaddressed for too long. If you have multiple alarms set up, then firefighters can find the source of the fire quicker, which could save your workplace from complete obliteration.

Six Benefits of a Commercial Security & Alarm System

Your security alarm system will reduce robbery or stop theft from happening before it starts. Contact us for a consultation today:

Stop Burglars Before They Start

Burglars are strategists, and targeting businesses without alarm systems is a vital part of their strategy. A commercial security system can deter a burglar from attempting to break into your business altogether. You can stop the break-in before it ever starts, preventing damages, expenses, and harm.

Deter Employee Theft

We all hope to trust our employees to maintain integrity and honesty throughout their employment, but unfortunately, some employees take advantage of their role to steal from your company. An alarm system will allow you to keep track of your employees better and detect signs of company theft.

Cut Down on Insurance Costs

Insurance companies consider businesses without alarms as high-risk, which results in higher premiums in the event of a break-in. If you have a working alarm system, your insurance company will significantly reduce your premiums because you’ve shown you’ve done what’s needed to keep your business safe.

Attract More Customers

Businesses with frequent robberies or a lack of an alarm system tend to scare away customers. Your customers want to feel safe and comfortable while at your business. An alarm system will reduce and prevent robberies, making your current customers more secure and attracting more customers.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Your employees are the driving force of your company’s success. If your employees feel worried or anxious about getting robbed while working, their concern could negatively impact their productivity. Installing an alarm system will inspire confidence in your employees, boosting their productivity and your success.

Boost Your Reputation

Your company’s public image is as integral to your success as the products and services you provide. Installing an alarm system increases your positive perception by showing that you are an organized, caring, responsible company. Further, your company will attract more current and potential investors.

Three Benefits of Installing an A/V System

Communicate with your employees, impress your current and potential clients, and cultivate a positive work environment, all at the click of a button. Improve your audiovisual capabilities by scheduling a consultation today:

Enhanced Communications

A/V systems will transform how you communicate with your employees and please your clients. Cutting-edge technology such as video conference calls, intercoms, and training tutorials will help you better coordinate with your teammates. You'll better engage your clients with multimedia presentations, cultivating stronger client relationships.

Improved Work Environment

Connecting with your employees is essential to a comfortable, productive, and above all, thriving workplace. By installing an A/V system, you'll stay in the loop of employee progress and provide what your employees need to develop their professional skills. A/V systems can provide the opportunity for fun activities, cultivating a positive and friendly work environment.

Boosted Company Promotion

Each year, companies spend mass amounts of their budget on ineffective marketing that fails to deliver results. With A/V systems, you can take control of your marketing efforts with digital signage and campaigns, saving you time, money, and energy. After all, who knows your company better than you?

We’ll Inspect Your Safety & Audiovisual Systems

If you want to improve your existing system, or if you want to have a system installed, our team will provide you with a comprehensive inspection. We’ll evaluate your needs, develop a design strategy, and begin building your ideal security system. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Contact Us for a Consultation Today