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Residential Alarm Systems in Plainville, MA

For over 30 years, Help Inc - Electronic Security Solutions has provided homes with trusted residential alarm systems in Plainville, MA. We’re locally owned and provide excellent customer service for our clients. Whether you want to update your existing systems or install a new system, our team will inspect your home and provide the products and services you need to keep you and your family safe. Our security and fire alarm systems will give you peace of mind and preparation for keeping your home secure. You and your family will be thrilled with the quality convenience of our cutting-edge A/V systems. Contact our professionals today to schedule a consultation.

Three Advantages of a Security System

There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to your family. Schedule a consultation today for a quality security system:

Deters & Prevents Break-Ins

Burglars are more likely to target homes with no security system in place. A system will alert you immediately after it detects an intruder. If a potential thief is aware of your security system, then they’ll think twice about breaking into your home.

Saves Money & Insurance Costs

If you have a security system installed, your insurance provider may lower your premiums. Preventing a break-in will protect your valuables from being broken, damaged, or stolen, ensuring you save time and money.

Give You Peace of Mind & Safety

You and your family deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. By installing a security system, you’ll alleviate the worry of getting burglarized by preventing theft and being prepared if the worst should happen.

Three Benefits of a Fire Detection System

If a fire breaks out in your home, you want to be as prepared as possible. A fire alarm system will help you keep you and your family safe. The benefits of a fire detection system are:

Detects the Fire Early

Installing a sensitive fire alarm system is crucial to preventing a small fire from growing until the most damage is done.

Home Insurance Discounts

A fire alarm system shows insurance companies that you take safety seriously, and they’ll reward you with discounts and lower premiums.

Keep Your Family Safe

By installing a fire alarm system, the chances of you and your family evacuating quicker significantly increase.

Five Ways an A/V System Will Improve Your Home

Aside from providing the best entertainment options, a whole-home A/V system provides many additional advantages. Schedule a service today:

Eliminate Annoying Clutter

Are you tired of tripping over or untangling cords? Is your current system an eyesore? If so, a centralized A/V system will stay out of sight and out of mind.

Watch & Listen Everywhere

A whole-house system allows you to watch and listen to TV, movies, and music anywhere in your home, providing the ultimate multimedia experience.

Dependable A/V Quality

Whether you're watching and listening to broadcast or cable, streaming services, or music, your A/V quality will remain consistent throughout your home.

Convenient Upgrades

If you want to upgrade or experience errors with your A/V system, your technician will quickly find the source because of its centralized location.

Home Integration

Whole-House A/V is a component of smart home systems, allowing you to sync it with the rest of your home for maximum entertainment.

Contact Us for an Inspection

After installing a security, fire, or A/V system, you must ensure that all components are working correctly and up to date. Our professionals will inspect your systems, evaluate your needs, and set you on the path towards satisfaction. We’re here to ensure you’re safe, comfortable, and happy in your home. Schedule an inspection today.

Contact Us for a Consultation Today